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Tania Ihlenfeld shares pragmatic tips for courageous leaders of the built environment to lead projects more effortlessly.

"I'm obsessed with how leaders who care about high-quality design, responsibly resourced and socially-minded industry-leading solutions can achieve success without compromising themselves, their teams, or their projects. I believe the journey of developing and delivering a project should be just as rewarding as the outcome." 
Get Intentional Jan 07, 2022

Your intentions genuinely do shape your reality. 

I don’t say this flippantly or with ideas of grandeur. I’m talking about simple and powerful daily intentions that influence your decisions and how you show up for your projects.

As a leader, you may instinctively set intentions...

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Hi I'm Tania Ihlenfeld, welcome to my blog for leaders of the built environment

I build on 23 years of leadership success and failure, working with some of the most inspiring talents in the industry, and drawing on pertinent experience from relevant experts. I'm passionate about the pursuit of design excellence and I have a proven track record for navigating complex projects from small to large scale. I want to help you to stay in your strong zone and lead us to greater opportunities today.

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