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To deliver ambitious projects more effectively & enjoy it

Ede Enablers - Your Leadership Partner

Developing & Supporting


To deliver ambitious projects more effectively & enjoy it

We develop and partner with built environment leaders to successfully lead projects without compromise. We value courageous leaders and are here to support their ambitions and their talented teams. 


We believe so strongly in a new breed of effective leadership, that we wrote a book about it!

BUILD SUCCESS by Tania Ihlenfeld


"This book will be an inspiration for next-generation project leaders. I hope it is widely read by all young architects." 

Sir Nicholas GRIMSHAW


"Your passion for helping a new breed of leader emerge in the built environment oozes out of these pages. . . . your case for change is compelling.
 This book makes an important contribution to transforming how we think about people throughout the life of a project. Among others it disrupts the race-to-the-bottom-on-price mindset by encouraging readers to reexamine the spoken and hidden rules of engagement that have led to poor outcomes time and time again."

Roger Martin

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Are you ready to raise the bar for successful built environment projects?


“Having worked with Tania for several years I can testify to her drive, perceptive and, above all, her care for both the project and the people undertaking it.”

Jolyon Brewis, Partner, Grimshaw

Too many projects fail to deliver their desired outcomes

There is significant value invested in projects that never truly gets realised. We can help you to unlock this value and cultivate highly effective teams and frameworks for your project to thrive today.

Your time and energy are too precious to be wasted. AND your project is too important to settle for a compromise. 

What we do

We help leaders to lead more courageously and with greater ease.

We are a leadership enabler for high-quality built environments.
Your leadership partner for new or existing projects. Your left and right-hand supercharged leadership expertise, ready to help you take your project from an amazing idea to a transformational reality. Whether you are at the start of your journey or midway through.
We can support you in developing a brief, creating and advocating for a vision, establishing a flexible strategic framework, advising on effective support systems and cultivating high-performing teams. It’s not necessary for you to go it alone. We can help you to identify gaps and set you up for success.  
Commercially viable projects – ones that positively transform people’s lives without harming the environment or the people involved in creating it – are infinitely within reach.
We believe that a new breed of visionary leadership will take us there. Leaders that understand the value of a project vision and the advocacy required to engage diverse expertise to implement it. People with the strength of conviction to know their best chance of success is to bring others with them.
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Do you want pragmatic advice on how to set your project up for success?

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Gain access to resources and training to help set your built environment project up for success.
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Gain expert leadership support to set up new or existing built environment projects for success.  


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A fast and reliable checklist ensures that leaders can avoid the obstacles that most projects unknowingly make.

Inside you’ll gain:

  • 5 factors that deliver projects without compromise because we can do better. 
  • ā€‹Smart systems to save you time, money and resources..
  • ā€‹Streamlined decision-making to lighten your load. 
  • Reliable means to track progress so that you can focus on your leadership. 
  • Tips for cultivating highly effective teams to gain and sustain a healthy momentum.
  • ā€‹Exceptional communication capabilities because you want to bring people with you.

A quick health check to identify any gaps in setting your project up for success.  

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Courageous leaders need strong support

Pragmatic advice that is direct, experienced, unburdened by daily project grind, and with a firm grasp of your big picture aspirations. You don't need to go it alone. You need an experienced leadership partner that becomes an extension to your team.
As an advocate for design excellence in the built environment, we enable courageous leaders to bring their innovative, environmentally responsible visions to life with pragmatic realism. Utilising more than 23 years leadership experience, we will help you to navigate clear and confident paths through complex projects leading to transformational outcomes.

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A leadership partner to get your project setup for success, to course correct or to strengthen your team for success.


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Effective leadership starts with the environment you create for strategy and innovation to happen.

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