Engage, Disrupt & Deliver Transformational Projects 

It's Time to Lead MORE Effortlessly & ENJOY IT!


You no longer need to accept projects riddled with compromises and the prospect of spreading yourself too thin. 


Let me show you how to build leadership confidence, sharpen your decision-making and bring others with you. 


This is your pragmatic blueprint to lead more effortlessly and enjoy it!!  

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"It's no surprise we are exhausted . . . 

Demands on leaders have never been so great. Resources and budgets are tight, heightened restrictions on materials and supply chains and pressing needs to lift our game to tackle net zero targets head on - is just the start.

But there is reason for optimism, I want to show you a proven method to lighten your load.  

if you're wondering . . . 


Who is this book for?


This book is a must read . . .


If you're a next-generation project leader keen to create a positive impact without blindly following what has been done before.

If you're a courageous leader who has not come via the typical project management route and you know that there is significantly more to do to ensure our built environment is future-fit and part of the climate change solution.

If you're ambitious, savvy with your time, and want a healthier work-life balance.

If you crave the reward of leading high-quality projects but have your eye on a bigger prize - feeling fulfilled and making a genuine difference in people’s lives.

Also, if you're a seasoned project leader who just wants it to be easier and more enjoyable!


Or, if you're asking . . . 


How can I ensure the best project outcome? 

Will I recognise if it’s going off track in time to save it? 

What is the importance of design, vision, strategy, communication, stakeholders, and teams? 

How can I more effectively manage finances and risks alongside a high-quality outcome? 

How can this be easier? I just want my team to back me on this so we can move forward rather than constantly shuffling sideways or backward. 

My project has turned into a monster - too many opinions, too little time . . . how can I stop firefighting and enjoy this? 

Are we focused on answering the right questions? 

Are we ambitious enough? 

 Will our project meet expectations ten years from now?



Duncan Miller

. . . an indispensable book if you’re setting up, in the depths of or reflecting on a project. . . I applaud how honest, frank, and insightful Tania has been . . . [she] brings real clarity to some knotty subjects.”

Declan McCafferty

An engaging, authentic and well-written guide . . . Tania draws clear and practical lessons all practice managers and leaders can use. The writing is excellent, and grounding the guidance in real experience makes Build Success incredibly readable (and re-readable) - which is a rarity in this genre..”

Chris Drummond

 Fills a gap in the market . . . I immediately identified with the anecdotes and examples you gave from your own experience - but hadn't fully realised their significance to me personally, and my career development, until seeing them written down and analysed in the pages of your book..”

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My Go-To Confidence Strategies

I share a 25-min video with my three most trusted confidence building go-to strategies for leaders.

Bonus #2

Interactive Checklists

Build Success Checklists are formatted in an easy to use interactive PDF with prompts for recording key actions.

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I'm Tania Ihlenfeld

Three years ago I decided enough was enough. I’m convinced and I want to share with you that there is an easier, more effective way to lead projects and enjoy them!

I used to think that throwing myself into a project and allowing it to be all-consuming - whilst forgoing luxuries of sleep and having the energy to be social - were essential requirements to succeed. I now know better. 

My mission was born when I sat in what I thought would be a motivational project team pep talk. I thought we would hear about how great the team had performed, acknowledging the extreme efforts put in by everyone, the sacrifices and the near misses, the mountains we had climbed together and the great milestone still ahead of us. We did. But we were informed that because we had achieved so much we were going to do it all again. This time faster and bigger. 

Whilst I’m privileged to have worked with some of the most inspiring talents in the built environment industry, I've experienced struggle and witnessed enough pain to want to influence change.   

I feel compelled to create meaningful change in the way in which the built environment is conceived, developed, and delivered so that no one has that same sinking feeling that I had when asked to lead a project through enormous challenges and out the other side.

Karen Fugle

She “gets leadership”, and this book is proof. The checklists alone are worth their weight in gold . . . Not even a quarter of the way through the book and I was recommending it to others. 

Roger Martin 

 A timely tour-de-force. Your passion for helping a new breed of leader emerge in the built environment oozes out of these pages. . . your case for change is compelling.


Tunde Ajia

 . . . arguably the best contextual book on leadership for anyone looking for a pragmatic approach to succeed as a project leader. I couldn't put the book down, it's a must read!

"But Tania, I already have your book and . . . 

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Please do let me know what has been your greatest insights too! 

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It really feels like you were someone who had faced almost all the concerns and issues that I face now at some point. The way you share your insight on dealing with these issues is quite inspiring.


Thoughtful and Inspiring! Fantastic reference point for any Architect looking to move their career forward. Well thought through with genuine examples and insightful guidance.



The book is written as if you have taken my notebooks from the last 25 years and condensed them down to some priority actions for project delivery. We could write many sequels to this one!

A battle-tested leadership framework to   





Sir Nicholas Grimshaw 

"This book will be an inspiration for next-generation project leaders. I hope it is widely read by all young architects."


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