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Leadership consultancy tailored

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First, we establish if Ede Enablers is a good fit for you. Depending on the size and level of your leadership teams or the complexity and stage of your projects. e will advise if we are best placed to deliver remarkable value for you. 
Tailored Leadership Consultancy - Ede Enablers

Our packages and pricing are agreed upon upfront

No hidden agendas, costs, or missing scope. We believe in managing your expectations from the outset and focusing on delivering remarkable value to youAsk us about our tailored packages.

Our signature leadership development course for NEXT-GEN LEADERS


A 6-week programme designed specifically to transform built environment leaders from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to feeling effective and impactful.

Tania walks you through her battle-tested leadership framework that will not only enable you to make smarter decisions but to also protect your energy and enjoy the process of enabling, developing and delivering high-quality projects. Tania demonstrates how powerful your contributions can be even if you are an introvert, new to leadership or you are an experienced leader who just wants to love leading again. 

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A unique leadership development experience for NEXT-GEN LEADERS


A 12-month group coaching experience for next-generation leaders to come together to hone their skills, gain new insights and achieve next-level leadership confidence and success.

Join a small group of senior level, next generation leaders who want to design a leadership role and career that works for them! 

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Leadership Consultancy Packages

Want to find out how we can best help you?  

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New Project

Leadership Packages

Project framework setup, brief & vision development, team setup & advisory services, or partnering to strengthen leadership teams.

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Existing Project

Leadership Packages

Project review, gap analysis, vision & advocacy, framework development, or partnering to strengthen your existing leadership team.

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Leaders VIP


Starter, premium & tailored VIP packages to consult, mentor, and strengthen your leadership team.


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Mentoring Opportunities


Karen Fugle

"I love, love, love your energy. It's infectious and you can't help but feel motivated and supported from the moment you enter the conversation.

Really appreciate gaining advice from someone who has walked in my shoes."


Helen Goodwin

"You lift my spirits during our mentoring sessions by reassuring me and giving me tools to help fix problems.

Your words are always wise, grounded in experience and stemming from a deep understanding of people and relationships, which is what leadership is all about."

Richard MacCowan

"The directness of Tania. She knows how to get to the point of what we are discussing.

Tania is very very good at working with you to understand your unmet needs and give you achievable goals to work on between meetings. I love her honesty and sense of humour (plus the gorilla art in the background!)"


Chris Drummond

"You are a naturally inspiring, positive, no-barriers person which really comes across in conversation.

Hearing about your pivot into mentoring, leadership and becoming an author. That is inspiring from the get-go, and opened my mind up to thinking more broadly about the potential tangents from practise for myself. Unfortunately, we didn't get to chat more!- which was my fault/ being crazy overworked, but thanks for giving me the opportunity."

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1. You’re new, so what is your credibility to offer leadership consultancy?
Ede Enabler’s CEO and founder Tania Ihlenfeld, is a leader and author of BUILD SUCCESS with more than twenty-three years’ experience leading, observing and innovating within multi-disciplinary teams, including almost thirteen years with Grimshaw, London. Tania has led small-scale residential projects through to large-scale major infrastructure projects, working with some of the most talented experts in the industry. 
Tania considers herself a conduit between design teams, stakeholders and the client. This role has led her to define project leadership as a means to navigate complex project terrains and come successfully out the other side. She has been a designer, a chief motivator, inspirer, negotiator, facilitator, and everything in between. Her keen eye for what does and doesn’t work has been honed over many a sixty-hour plus week. This isn’t to boast – in fact, quite the opposite. She is convinced and is here to share with you - that there is a better way. An easier, more effective way for you to lead and enjoy your projects.
Her mission was born when she moved away from architectural practice and began to see a whole new perspective on what it means to deliver exceptional projects. Tania is keen to create meaningful change in the way the built environment is conceived, developed, and delivered. Her primary motivation is so that no one would have that same sinking feeling when asked to lead a project through enormous challenges and out the other side. 
2. Who is not a good fit for our services?
We are not a good fit for your organisation or project teams if you're not serious about making a positive contribution to the built environment in terms of a sustainable approach to creating and implementing a high-quality legacy. We are also not the right leadership consultants for you if you are not open to direct and honest feedback on where your leadership team and project success can be optimised.
We offer exclusive access to our CEO and founder - Tania Ihlenfeld, and her extensive leadership experience leading small to large-scale transformative projects within award-winning and world-renowned architectural practices. 
3. How do I know that I need leadership support or advice?
If either yourself or your team are struggling to lift their heads from the daily project grind, you are likely to need some leadership support to help you to enjoy the journey and elevate your leadership team to success.
We champion the four key areas of focus that result in more effective leadership and project success outlined in Build Success by Tania Ihlenfeld.
4. I am just starting to think about my next project. Can you help me set it up?
Yes, we can advise you on how to set a project up for success including helping you to establish your ideal brief, team, vision and overall framework. Please be aware that we don’t advise on financing, legal or planning. 
Check out our New Project Leadership Packages for more information. 
5. I have a well-established existing project and team. Can you help to identify any shortfalls and course corrections?
Yes, we can undertake a leadership team or project review and recommend an action plan to get your team and projects back on track for success. We can also help to refine a vision and advocacy plan, improve the resilience of project frameworks and optimise high-performing teams. 
Please be aware that we don’t advise on financing, legal or planning. 
Check out our Existing Project Leadership Packages for more information.
6. I only need adhoc leadership support, can you help me?
Ede Enablers is your leadership partner. We can tailor our leadership development and support to best meet your needs. If you are unsure exactly what leadership support you require you can book a call to discuss a plan that is right for you.
Monthly retainer options are available on request. 
7. Can I try before I buy?
Before we agree to undertake any work with you, we first ensure that Ede Enablers is a good fit for your team or business via a discovery call or application form. This ensures that both parties understand what they need from each other, and you walk away with the confidence that Ede Enablers can bring remarkable value to you. 
We offer Leaders VIP Packages that are perfectly suited to trial our services. For example, you can purchase a strategy session with immediate feedback and no further obligations. 

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