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For courageous leaders who want to: 

Gain Clarity to navigate complex projects & bring others with them

Build Confidence to adopt smart systems & cultivate effective teams

Be at Ease to sharpen decision-making & take calculated risks.

This is a pragmatic leadership framework for your success and a call to action.




Build Success goes beyond a typical leadership guide and stories about where leaders get it right or wrong. It gives you a clear framework that can be applied at any stage of a project - large or small.

This book teaches you the value of a project vision and the advocacy required to engage diverse expertise to implement it. How to build the strength of conviction to bring others with you and the best methods for working smart and innovating your way to success.

Too many projects promise much yet fail to deliver to their true potential. Did you know there is more value invested in projects than is ever realised? But if we set projects up for success, and we lead them with compassion and conviction, we can transform this legacy. We can create more designed-focused and responsible urban developments - at a time we need them most.

We can become part of the solution if we improve expectations for how the built environment can serve its inhabitants, the natural environment and the teams who create it.

With urban centres expected to grow to almost five billion by 2030, and with more than 50% of existing building assets still in use by 2050, it’s time to rethink how we design, develop, and implement our cities and infrastructure - for a brighter, more responsible future, without compromise.

Tania builds on 23 years of leadership success and failure, working with some of the most inspiring talent in the industry, and drawing on pertinent experience from experts. Her pursuit of design excellence and proven track record for navigating complex projects will help you stay in your strong zone and lead us to greater opportunities today.

"This book will be an inspiration for next-generation project leaders.

I hope it is widely read by all young architects."

Sir Nicholas GRIMSHAW,

Founder Grimshaw Architects

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Book Reviews

Karen Fugle

"Tania Ihlenfeld is obviously walking the talk. She “gets leadership”, and this book is proof. The checklists alone are worth their weight in gold: vision and advocacy, strategic plan and accountability, success metrics and fast failure, effective teams and feedback loops. Not even a quarter of the way through the book and I was recommending it to others (others who needed a dose of strategic structure to their vision). Although this book is clearly aimed at built environment project leaders, the principles and guidance will work across the board for any project (I read it with a non-building project in mind at the time, and still found myself saying “a-ha, yes” every few pages).

If you are a leader wanting to set your project up for success then I suggest you read this book (and highlight it, sticky it, refer back to it, table it, and talk about it)."

Roger Martin

"Your passion for helping a new breed of leader emerge in the built environment oozes out of these pages. Grounded in your personal experience, your case for change is compelling.

It’s also inspiring insofar as you create room for people to uncover their unique path through the issues all projects face, using your framework as a support. The absence of another cookie-cutter leadership model premised on conformity will be welcome I’m sure!

This book makes an important contribution to transforming how we think about people throughout the life of a project. Among others it disrupts the race-to-the-bottom-on-price mindset by encouraging readers to reexamine the spoken and hidden rules of engagement that have led to poor outcomes time and time again."

Tunde Ajia

"Tania Ihlenfeld promised this book was designed as an easy read and it sure was, but very thought provoking.

Enjoyed reading every bit of it . It provided an insight into how managing project #teams teaches you that cultures emerge from the consistent thinking and practice of the #projectleader, not from words on paper or panels. That #project leaders must articulate purpose, role model behaviours, and nourish the #culture they want to see.

For me this book is arguably the best contextual book on leadership for anyone looking for a pragmatic approach to succeed as a project leader.

Thank you for sharing why leaders need to #demand, #declare and #disrupt more. I couldn't put the book down, it's a must read!"

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Courageous Leaders Testimonials

What leaders were saying after week one!

"I love how you share your own experiences with us, your passion cuts through!"

"I’m only a couple of sessions in and I already feel heard."

"I’m having great fun with the app."

"The daily 15 min sessions are so empowering."

"You are affirming how I have instinctively led where it has gone really well."

"Your content is brilliant and to the point. I love the fact that you share real stories."

"I am going to make a list this weekend of all the items you’ve asked us to address- I can’t wait!"

 "Thanks again for a wonderful first week…" 

 "The momentum is building- I love your passion and all of your personal experiences you have thrown into the mix."

Group Coaching Calls feedback

"This is just magical!"

"Great points everyone! Looking forward to next time."

"It was lovely today! feels comfy to talk! Good luck with tasks everyone!"

AHA Moments

"The realisation that confidence and talents are linked. And when I build my case using my talents, I show up as confident."

"I’ve been through tough situations like this before but now I am handling it better! I now recognise it’s part of the process and I know what to look out for."

"The realisation that I’m so on board with the vision that I assume the team are too…am Scheduling a vision review Team session for tomorrow!"

"When I realized I can apply the “vision thinking” not only to projects but to my career development as well, and to the strategic direction of my team."

"Taking care of difficult team members as it always a hard one to tackle but there was some really good advice."

"Preparing a proper framework early on in the process, seems to be a very beneficial approach."

"I believe this week is a crucial one to understand the teams' dynamics and what's your role as leader. And that comes with hard decisions too, was good to see that."

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A fast and reliable checklist ensures that leaders can avoid the obstacles that most projects unknowingly make.

Inside you’ll gain:

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  • ā€‹Streamlined decision-making to lighten your load. 
  • Reliable means to track progress so that you can focus on your leadership. 
  • Tips for cultivating highly effective teams to gain and sustain a healthy momentum.
  • ā€‹Exceptional communication capabilities because you want to bring people with you.

A quick health check to identify any gaps in setting your project up for success.  


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