For Ambitious Built Environment Leaders

How To Deliver Projects You Are Remembered For Even If You're Struggling With Lack of Time and Resources.

Watch the video below to find exactly what the Courageous Leaders Challenge is all about. 

Save years of frustration and overwhelm . . .   

I condense 23 years of built environment leadership experience into hours so you can gain 5 years of career growth in less than 12 months. 

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‚ÄúI‚Äôm only a couple of sessions in¬†. . .¬†and I already feel heard!‚ÄĚ

Sarah Williams, Associate Principal, GRIMSHAW



One of my favourite sessions was talking about gut instinct, where at times I've not followed my gut instinct, but probably should have. Instead I’ve been persuaded by others more vocal.


Your content is brilliant and to the point. I love the fact that you share real stories. I’ve been through tough situations like this before but now I am handling it better! I now recognise it’s part of the process and I know what to look out for.



Taking care of difficult team members resonated as it is always a hard one to tackle but there was some really good advice. Preparing a proper framework early on in the process, seems to be a very beneficial approach.

This is for you . . .

If you're a senior architect or project leader with ambitions to create a positive impact without blindly following what has been done before and spreading yourself too thin.

If you're a leader who has fallen into leadership roles and yet you struggle to advocate for yourself and exert your expertise where it counts.

If you want a healthier work-life balance and more energy to deal with challenging project environments.

If you crave the reward of leading high-quality projects but feel as though your contributions aren’t being fully recognised. 

Also, if you're a seasoned project leader who wants leadership to be easier and more enjoyable and you're willing to devote 10-15 minutes per day to achieve this.

Built environment leaders are routinely feeling . . . 


Challenges get bigger, not smaller and easier with time and experience.


Working hard to fight fires. Insufficient energy to perform at their best.


Lone voice for good. Not sufficiently respected, valued or supported. 


Not able to leave a legacy of high quality projects, despite fighting for it.


Become the leader people want to be around. 



Courageous Leaders Challenge

What Makes This Different


A programme designed specifically to transform built environment leaders from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to feeling effective and impactful. I’ll demonstrate how powerful your contributions can be even if you’re an introvert, new to leadership or you’re an established, high-calibre leader who just wants to love your work again.

No more isolated meeting room training days. You feel frustrated that you are away from your team.  I designed a course structure that can be delivered in just 10-15 minutes per day and use a medium that offers ultimate flexibility for the leader to fit it into their busy schedule, without walking away from their team.

It's like having a leadership boot camp in your pocket, that you can access anywhere, anytime. You can watch the videos for a month after the 6-week challenge has been completed and download the transcripts to prompt immediate application.

I have lived and breathed leadership inside the built environment industry for more than 23 years. Writing BUILD SUCCESS was a means to gain clarity on what is most essential for effective leaders to implement. This course breaks down the Courageous Leaders framework that I outline in my book into its 4 key parts and brings them to life with engaging stories that are real and relatable. 

Dive deep into the why, what and how of effective, effortless leadership. You will walk away with pragmatic tools and next-level leadership skills that you can apply immediately, regardless of what stage your project is at. Skipping the learning curve!!!

What you'll gain . . . 

Strategies, Tools & Tactics

+  Perspective and clarity on your role as a courageous leader by getting intentional, improving your self-awareness and gaining a proven framework that can be applied at any project stage

+  Time-saving methods to achieve easier visibility of the issues, greater team autonomy, assign appropriate accountability & bring people with you

+  Lighten your load by empowering your team, sustaining high-performance, establishing useful systems, and incentivising fast failure

+¬†¬†‚ÄčSharpen your decision-making by advocating for a project vision, defining meaningful success metrics, facilitating scenario planning & embracing constructive criticism

‚Äč+¬†¬†Be at ease taking calculated risks aligned to the vision and proactively establish mitigation strategies

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I'm Tania Ihlenfeld


Enough is enough - love leadership again!


I stepped away from architectural practice and project leadership when I refused to repeat another gruelling year. I was determined to find the perspective I needed to make the role of a successful leader more effortless and enjoyable. My aim is for the journey of creating a successful project to be just as rewarding as the outcome. After more than 20 years of living and breathing leadership from teams of 1 to 100, and countless burnout near misses, I went on a journey to discover a framework for the most effective way to lead successful projects.

I'm an architect, entrepreneur, and author of BUILD SUCCESS. I have 23 + years of experience leading, observing, and innovating within multi-disciplinary teams, including almost thirteen years with Grimshaw, London. I have led small-scale residential projects through to large-scale national infrastructure projects. Whilst I’m privileged to have worked with some of the most inspiring talents in the built environment industry, I've experienced struggle and witnessed enough pain to want to influence change. 

 I've done the hard work so you don't have to.


What's included: 

+  42 x Empowering Video Training Lessons delivered by architect, author and entrepreneur Tania Ihlenfeld. I've distilled 23 years of experience down into powerful lessons where you need just 10-15 mins a day. You can download all of the transcripts too!

+¬†¬†‚ÄčCourageous Leaders APP membership¬†so you can watch the training and gain support anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. A leadership bootcamp in your pocket where you can track your results, send messages, share wins and get access to bonuses for up to 1 month after the challenge (plus options to continue monthly or purchase lifetime access).

+ 42-page Workbook to help you capture your key takeaways and actions, prioritise progress and sustain momentum for the long term.

+¬†¬†‚Äč6¬†x Confidence Boosting Bonuses¬†to help you achieve your results even faster and easier.

+  An independently certified CPD Certificate to record your effort and acknowledge your professional development.

+  1:1 and Group Coaching Calls with Tania to share expertise, be inspired and gain instant feedback on specific challenges you are facing.


Courageous Leader Quick Start

‚ÄčStarting with the end in mind, courage stacking, creating a value proposition and boosting self-awareness.


Become a Pro Communicator

Advocating a compelling vision, communicating with conviction and bringing others with you.


Foolproof Frameworks that Work

‚Äč‚ÄčEstablishing flexible frameworks, tools to sharpen your decision-making and assigning appropriate levels of accountability.


Building Effective Teams

‚ÄčCreating and sustaining high-performing teams, constructive feedback loops and embracing diverse voices.


Tracking Success in Realtime

‚Äč‚ÄčFailing fast, innovating smart, measuring real progress and mitigating risk.


Effortlessly Walking the Talk

‚ÄčEnabling success by protecting your energy, employing smart systems and empowering your high-performing team. 


6 x Bonuses to fast track your success

Bonus #1

Leader Cheat Sheet

To optimise the speed of your results.

Bonus #2

Vision Creation Prompts

To enable you to refine your project vision and advocacy.

Bonus #3

Personal Game Plan

To prioritise your personal plan of action for the challenge and beyond.

Bonus #4

Exclusive Interviews

With courageous leaders to be inspired to find your own path.

Bonus #5

Project Framework Kit

To set your project up for success and track progress.

Bonus #6

Leader Community

To hold you accountable,  share wins and support each other. 

Step beyond the pages of my book . . . 

Dig deeper by exploring this signature course

Jolyon Brewis, Partner, GRIMSHAW

"Having worked with Tania for several years I can testify to her drive, perceptive and, above all her care for both the project and the people undertaking it."

Damian Fennell, Director, MAX Q

"She is highly self-motivated and has a passion and energy she invests in every enterprise she undertakes. Her conviction makes her a force to reckon with and she works with focus. delivering fast results of high quality."

Angela Dapper , Principal, ARCHITECTUS

I had the pleasure of working with Tania at Grimshaw, where she was such an inspiration. She managed to make the most complex project I have ever worked on, so simple, by thinking big - keeping focus on the end quality and aspirations - whilst thinking small and grappling with the detail. She raises the energy and enthusiasm of any team - and her presentations were always a highlight! 

Helen Goodwin , Head of Programmes,


Your words are always wise, grounded in experience and stemming from a deep understanding of people and relationships, which is what leadership is all about.

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