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We are changing the face of built environment leadership & who gets to enjoy the process. 



We aren’t a project management or architectural practice. We are an innovative leadership consultancy enhancing the quality and value of our built environment and who gets to innovate its legacy. We specialise in the effective setup, curation and leadership of environmentally and socially conscious projects.

We work with courageous leaders who want to push boundaries on what’s possible without driving themselves or their teams into the ground. To become part of the climate change solution, we need leaders at the top of their game, with energy to cultivate effective, vision-driven teams, to seek opportunities for genuine innovation, and to garner the right level of expertise to make it happen.

This is where we come in. 

We are your left and right-hand supercharged leadership expertise, ready to help you take your project from an amazing idea to a transformational reality. Whether you are at the start of your journey or midway through.

We are passionate about design excellence and creating meaningful and memorable places for people to inhabit and experience. Projects that are responsive to people’s needs and that improve their quality of life. Whilst being responsible for the resources used to create it and the sustainable legacy that it leaves.

Building a successful project doesn’t have to be stressful or draining. It can be the most rewarding and impactful decision that you make and you have every right to enjoy the process - not just the transformational end result. 

We can support you in developing a brief, creating and advocating for a vision, establishing a flexible strategic framework, advising on effective support systems, and cultivating high-performing teams.

It’s not necessary for you to go it alone. We can help you to put the right team in place at the right time or simply to support gaps in your existing team.

Meet our founder

Tania is a pragmatic visionary on a mission to make our built environment more responsible for its impact and more responsive to human and natural environment needs. 

Tania’s passions as an architect,  entrepreneur and author are for the relentless pursuit of effective leadership, design excellence, developing others, and changing who gets to innovate.

She has more than twenty-three years’ experience leading, observing and innovating within multi-disciplinary teams, including almost thirteen years with Grimshaw, London. She has led small-scale residential through to large-scale major infrastructure projects. 

Tania behaves as a conduit between design teams, stakeholders and the client. This role has led her to define project leadership as a means to navigate complex project terrains and come successfully out the other side. She has been a designer, a chief motivator, inspirer, negotiator, facilitator, and everything in between. Her keen eye for what does and doesn’t work has been honed over many a sixty-hour plus week. This isn’t to boast – in fact, quite the opposite. She is convinced and is here to share with you - that there is a better way. An easier, more effective way for you to lead and enjoy projects.

“Keeping yourself and your team members at the top of their game and creating a conducive environment for innovation and feedback - is key to project success.” 

Her mission was born when she moved away from architectural practice and began to see a whole new perspective on what it means to deliver exceptional projects. Tania is keen to create meaningful change in the way the built environment is conceived, developed, and delivered. Her primary motivation is so that no one would have that same sinking feeling when asked to lead a project through enormous challenges and out the other side. 

Throughout her career, she has been drawn to complex projects that stand for something important. Projects that aim to positively transform people’s lives for the better. She is privileged to have worked with some of the most inspiring talents in the built environment industry, yet she has experienced struggle and witnessed enough pain to want to influence change.

Tania believes that we can step up and take responsibility for a purpose bigger than ourselves. She can see significant room for improvement in our built environment and she wants to ensure that it is more responsive to human life and habitats, and ultimately more responsible for the resources that are used to create it. 

Tania Ihlenfeld - Ede Enablers CEO & Founder

WIA Mentoring Lead, Speaker and Advocate for Change

Image collection from my role as WIA UK Mentoring Lead for 2023 / 24 and Panel Event Chair (courtesy of You See Media) and talks at RSHP Architects and Weston Williamson and Partners. Please reach out of you are interested in organising a motivational, empowering talk on leadership or you are looking for a passionate panel guest speaking on all things architecture, leadership, women in architecture and the future of our built environment. 

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