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Do you want to stop firefighting & accepting quality-numbing compromises for your projects?

Let me show you my battle-tested leadership framework that I wish I had discovered earlier in my career . . . . with strategies, tools & TACTICS YOU CAN USE TO TRANSFORM YOUR PROJECTS TODAY! 


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If you're curious about how to apply the strategies, tools and tactics you've just heard me outline in the webinar, then grab a copy of my book, BUILD SUCCESS. It's a blueprint for courageous leaders to set projects up for success without compromise.  I share personal experiences from my 23+ year leadership journey as well as insights from other relevant experts both in and outside of the industry.

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Have you got 10 - 15 minutes a day to fast-track your way to more effective leadership?

I've developed a 6-week Courageous Leaders Challenge so you can lead ambitious projects with greater confidence, clarity and ease. It's delivered via an APP, with incredible features and bonuses to help you set your project up for success no matter what project stage you're currently operating within. You'll gain exceptional strategies to sharpen your decision-making, protect your energy, measure what actually matters and design high-performing teams that lighten your load. PLUS you gain access to group and 1-to-1 coaching with me.   

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Hi, I'm Tania! 

Three years ago I decided enough was enough. I stepped away from architectural practice when I refused to repeat another gruelling year that I had endured. I was determined to find the perspective needed to make the role of a successful leader easier and more enjoyable. My aim is for the journey of creating a project to be just as rewarding as a successful outcome. After more than 20 years leading projects and countless burnout near misses, I went on a journey to discover the most effective way to lead successful projects and enjoy the process!

I'm an architect, entrepreneur, and author of BUILD SUCCESS. I have extensive experience leading, observing, and innovating within multi-disciplinary teams, including almost thirteen years with Grimshaw, London. I have led small-scale residential projects through to large-scale national infrastructure projects. Whilst I’m privileged to have worked with some of the most inspiring talents in the built environment industry, I've experienced struggle and witnessed enough pain to want to influence change. 

My mission is to develop and support 100 formidable built environment leaders this year! I want to ensure high-­quality projects are achieved without compromise, and leaders along with their teams don't risk burnout in the process. We can and must support a new generation of courageous leaders.


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